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Our autonomous transport robots safely deliver medicine and goods to hospital wards. We keep healthcare workers and patients safe by reducing the risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria.

The problem

Hospital porters deliver medicine and goods to many wards in a large hospital. This puts them into a risk of catching or carrying viruses and bacteria. Hence they use excessive PPE (personal protective equipment) which takes time, slows down deliveries, reduces the amount of deliveris per person, and still holds the risk of infection.

Our solution

RobotNet’s automated hospital robots are part of our larger hospital indoor logistic solution. We automate robots, lifts and doors such that automated deliveries are fast, safe and sustainable in a large hospital.

Our technology

We are using state of the art 3D deep learning navigation algorithms combined with auxiliary safety algorithms to ensure safe operation. We build our own hardware. All robots are built in the UK and the EU.

Our robot platform

The core of our solution is our robot platform which is able to safely carry 500 kg of goods.

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Our background

Member of 2021 cohort of ConceptionX

Supported by our founder's deep learning AI research at Uni Warwick